Blog SEO 30th Aug 2019

Mahuru Māori Sale

T-shirts and Hoodies now available for purchase.To celebrate Mahuru Māori initiative, our Taringa team are making t-shirts and hoodies available for sale for the entire month of September 2019.  The initiative of Mahuru Māori is a reo challenge that came about as a personal social experime
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Spotify 30th Aug 2019

Now on Spotify

We've been producing episodes for Taringa for the past two years.  It's taken a lot of work to get over 100 episodes made.  Because of how much work it takes to produce each episode, we haven't really focused much on the marketing of the podcast.  We figured, if people liked it - that
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YouTube 30th Aug 2019

Taring is now on YouTube

We learned a strange thing recently.  That a lot of people will avoid paying for Spotify Premium by using YouTube for their music.  As a result, we have recently loaded all our episodes onto YouTube.The playlist can be found here
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